All we ever hear about nowadays is how everyone has the right to believe what they want to believe and live the way that they want to live. Yet if what we believe and the way we live goes against what society says is right, society tries to criticize us, silence us, and force their beliefs down our throat. Society tells us that everyone should have the freedom to have their own opinions, but if your opinion goes against society’s opinion, it’s considered wrong.

Sometimes it feels like you’re not allowed to have an opinion unless it’s the one that everyone else has.

-Robert Downey Jr.

Hello! My name is Spencer York and I am a 16-year-old Christian boy from the great state of Texas. I have started this blog to share my opinions on topics that are relevant to what is being talked and debated about worldwide. My purpose for sharing my opinions is that, despite was society says, I believe that there is not one “right” opinion. I am hoping that by posting my opinions for others to read, I might impact people to stand up for their opinions and beliefs (in a respectable way) and not be silenced or be forced to agree with society.

One thing you should know about me is I love to debate/answer questions about certain topics. Just because I post my opinion for others to read, does not mean I am saying that my opinion is the right opinion nor the only opinion. I understand other people will have their opinions that may agree or disagree with my opinion in certain ways. This being said, feel free to comment your opinion or ask questions that you want answered. Just make sure your comment or questions correspond to the topic in some sort of way. As the owner of this site, I have the right to delete any comment(s) necessary at any given time with no warning or explanation given. Please remember to keep your comments appropriate for everyone and to not let yourself get out of hand when commenting.

If at any point you have a question or a topic you would like to suggest for me to write about, feel free to submit it on the “Suggest A Topic” page.



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