The Apple Watch is Completely Useless and I love It

After much anticipation and waiting, I finally made the decision to buy myself the apple watch. I had read many reviews about the apple watch before purchasing. I wanted to see other’s opinions on the watch and whether or not they thought it was worth the money. There were many pro-apple watch fans that fully supported it and then there were many who were completely against the watch. Then there were those few who hated the watch, yet, at the same time, absolutely love it. This small group of people is what pushed me towards gathering up some money and going out to purchase the apple watch.

watch 2

After waiting about 20 minutes in the Apple store, I was finally handed what I had, as patiently as possible, waited for. My inner child was set free and I quickly became as giddy as a kid in a toy store. I could not wait to get my toy out of it’s box and begin playing with it. The employee helping me asked if I wanted for them to set up the watch for me in the store so I didn’t have to, but I quickly turned the offer down. I am the type of person who thinks one of the best parts about purchasing a toy is getting to set it up.

My Thoughts:

After getting to play with the Apple Watch for about a week, I came up with one conclusion…it is absolutely useless and I love it!!

People may then ask me, “why even buy the watch if it is useless?” That is, indeed, a very good question. While it is very useless, it is most certainly not pointless. I won’t get into all the details about the apple watch, but the watch is more of an extension of your phone. It saves you from constantly pulling your phone out of your pocket every time it vibrates. This can save you from being rude during certain situations such as meetings or when you’re out with friends. Oh and let me tell you, there are some pretty cool and useful features that the apple watch has that the iPhone does not.watchI love walking around in public getting notifications on my wrist, answering phone calls on the watch, controlling my music, and much more. The watch has turned into a great conversation starter for when I go places. I would say that one of the things I love most is when people notice and comment on my watch. No one seems to know what to think of it and are always asking my opinion of it. (hence, why I am writing this post)

The Conclusion:

The simple conclusion is that the Apple Watch, while extremely cool, is pretty much useless and not all that necessary. I could sum this all up by saying that the Apple Watch is more of a luxury than an essential part of your life. You do not need to buy an apple watch, but if you really want one and you are able to buy one, then why not?


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