Has Apple Lost it’s “Wow” Factor?

tim cookFor about the past 2 years, Apple has disappointed many of its followers with its unveiling of products. None of Apple’s products have had that “wow” factor that came with the release of the mac, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad. All the current releases have been more of an upgrade to its┬ápreceding model.

With no major upgrade to Apple’s iPhone, Apple lost its ranking as #1 smartphone in the world. Currently, Samsung has worked its way to the top of the charts for #1 smartphone pushing Apple down to #2. Samsung was able to work its way to the top by focusing more on customer loyalty and making things more personal for their customers while at the same time positioning their brand on being the top innovator of technology for teens. Apple, however, has focused more on selling they’re phone and some of their other products to adults rather than teens.

Many are hoping that with the expected release of the iPhone 5S (or possibly iPhone 6), they will get to see that “wow” factor again. However, not many people, including me, are expecting it. Personally, I am just expecting the new iPhone to be thinner, have a better camera and possibly be available in more than just black and white. But all of these are just rumors and no one will know the exact details of the new iPhone till the official announcement by Apple.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the next iPhone!